Welcome to Vision X Associates  

Registration No: BHSPS0003FST001


Vision X Associates is a team of Government Approved Valuers ( Valuators ),  Chartered Engineers of multiple categories and legal advisors having its registered office at Bangalore.. We are well known for our rich experience as well as fast, dedicated and ethical services. We also take care of legal scrutinizes on the request of the client for which we have a separate team of advocates. Our reports are effective for a number of purposes, both domestic and international.

  Who is a Valuer / Valuator ?
  An “Approved Valuership “ is awarded by the Institute of Valuers , by considering the technical qualification and experience of a person. For a valuer there is also a registration with the chief commissioner of income tax (CCIT) and the Ministry of Finance, Government of India to practice with more purposes.

There are different categories of valuation as follows

  • Immovable Properties [ Land ( agricultural, residential, industrial, commerial etc), buildings (residential, commerial) and other civil establishments etc ]
  • Plant and Machineries
  • Vehicles of all class.
  • Jewel leries, ornaments and precious stones
  • Mines and Quarries
  • Other Movable / Immovable properties.
  Why Valuation is done?
  • For Financiers while a loan application is there against a movable or an immovable asset.
  • To know the actual Current Market Value while Buying/ Selling.
  • During family disputes/settlements.
  • To support an immigration (Visa) application.
  • For legal issues.
  • While declaring Assets and Liability for IT department.
  • Where there is a conflict on a semi completed building.
  • Where there is a requirement of a fitness certificate on machineries and vehicles.
  • While Amalgamating two companies.
  • To get a certificate of the actual percentage of Deviation that exists in a Building against authority standards.
  • To have an idea of money spent on an ongoing incomplete work.
  • To have a complete idea of Market Values/ Government Adopted (CVC) Rates.
  • To know the advantages and disadvantages of the location like water potentiality and other amenities available.
  • For some confidential reasons which the client don’t want to disclose.
  • To know whether a Genuine Property is dealt etc…
  Our Specialties:
  • We know the importance of professional ethics to stand as pioneers for a long time.
  • We have a highly experienced team of valuators who are experts in the fields of Civil / Real Estate, Industries/ Plant and Machineries, Automobiles, Jewelleries etc.
  • Utmost care is taken to give more accurate values with a number of steps involved like brainstorming sessions within our experts before drafting a report.
  • The Valuation reports are issued with out prejudice and/or any other external influence.
  • As we also deal as real estate agents we hope that we know the market very well apart from our technical experience.
  • It is guaranteed that our reports, duly signed by a valuator /s along with the license number/s of particular category/ies would serve the purpose.
  • We keep a record of all the reports given by us for future reference or queries by concerned authorities.
  • We give our services any where in India/ abroad, respective charges/facilities being provided.